Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Potawatomi Trail of Death starts
at the Menominee statue In Plymouth IN.
It is Actually so sad what happened.
This web site has a lot of Information

Wisdom sent from Indiana

This web site has nothing to do with Indiana, but has much wisdom with in the contents.

Friday, July 10, 2009

History of Indianapolis

U Tube Indy 500 Race 2009

Did you know that the person who built the first race track for the Indy 500 also developed Miami Florida from a marsh swamp to what it is today?

History of Carl Fisher developer of Indy 500, Miami Florida, and many many other prodjects.

More on Carl Fisher

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Indiana Lime Stone

FrancisVille Indiana is a large lime stone area. I drive past this area every month and started to research this natural product. Did you know that Indiana Limestone is the most sought out lime stone in the world.

Lime stone is actually made from a vast body of water over millions of years. Yes, Indiana at one time was a vast Ocean.

Read more about Indiana Limestone

How limestone was formed

Continental Divide of Indiana

Like many people I have driven by a sign on by pass 20 on the south side of South Bend Indiana, saying this is the Continental Divide.
For many years I thought so what, finally I read about it and would like to share what I found. You can also find a lot more by searching Continental Divide.

Edgar Sam Rice

Moraco a small town in Indiana had a great person by the name of Edgar Sam Rice. You can read more about Mr. rice by going to the web site.